Sunday, March 25, 2012

Strengthen your Marriage Resilience

A Team Approach to Military Life

This article, by Julia Pfaff, is in response to the new statistics about increased divorce rate among servicemembers.  She noticed several common traits among those who have strong, resilient marriages.
Here is a synopsis of her list:
  1. An understanding that marriage and military life are voluntary choices.  [Avoid resentment creeping in to your relationship.]
  2. A team approach to military life.  [Embrace military life as a family lifestyle.]
  3. Mutual respect.  Honor the sacrifices of each partner.
  4. Frequent, honest communication.
  5. A realistic perspective of military life.  [See also frequent, honest communication and mutual respect.]
  6. A desire for both military life and married life.
  7. A support group, within and without the military circle.
  8. Deep trust in each other. 
For more information on programs that help you and your spouse strengthen your communciation skills together and/or separately as well as strengthen your resilience as a couple, talk with your local chaplain.  He or she can guide you to more resources such as FOCUS and others.

For the full article, click here.

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