Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Liaison Officer or Ombudsmen

What is a Family Liaison Officer?
Also called an Ombudsman, she is a communication link between the commanding officer and family members.  Their roles have changed over the last decade.  Mostly they provide referral information to link spouses with community resources, particularly for a deploying command.  Ombudsmen are volunteers and often the spouses of someone within your command.  So, keep in mind they are also dealing with the same deployment schedule as you and may also have another job and their own family.  As volunteers, they are not professionally trained counselors or social workers.  They can provide you with a list of local resources to help lead you toward help you may need (from childcare to how to find MWR).

"Family Liasion Officers" is the term used by Army, Guard, and Army Reserve.  "Ombudsmen" is the term used by Navy and Coast Guard.  "Key volunteer" is most often associated with Marine Corps and Air Force.

For more information, contact Military OneSource.


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