Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pain Medicine Article Review. Life is Movement, Pain is Stagnation.

Pain Medicine article Review
U.S. Medicine published an article November 2014 with the most recent news in military pain management, "Pain is a Growing Issue for Troops and Veterans; Safer Remedies Sought" by Sandra Basu.  It discusses some innovative strategies of non-drug pain management modalities and how the VA and DoD are working toward making them more available to service members.  While there may still be a long road ahead, it appears they may be through the woods and into the open fields with all the plans this article lays out.  I am happy our military leaders in pain management are continuing with their forward-thinking on integrative medicine and non-drug pain management options for service members, dependents, retirees, and veterans. 

In health care, BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE
Getting access to the health care a person needs can be challenging.  The Affordable Health Care Act was set up to make this easier.  Any system is not perfect.  All systems could be better.  I encourage my friends, family, and patients to be advocates for themselves and their children when it comes to health care.  It is often not easy advocating for yourself, but it is the ethical and just thing to do.  We must be pro-active in our health.  Life is about movement.  "a rolling stone gathers no moss".  One of the laws of inertia:  "an object in motion stays in motion".  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, life is about movement, flow, transitions, change.  When we stop the movement, stagnation arises.  Out of stagnation comes disharmony and, eventually, disease.

Life is Movement
So, be pro-active about your health and the health of your community.  Support your community leaders and let them know how they can support and represent you.  (Leaders love constructive feedback--it helps them do their job).  Be active in your mind, body, and spirit.  Life is movement.  Let it flow.



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