Friday, January 13, 2012

PTSD Patients Build Resiliency at Navy Medicine’s OASIS and related articles

PTSD Patients Build Resiliency at Navy Medicine’s OASIS
This article, written by LCDR (Dr.) Paul Sargent, Division Officer and founding Program Director for Overcoming Adversity and Stress Injury Support (OASIS), refers to resilience as a dynamic state of being. This aspect (resilience as a dynamic state) is often skipped or not well explained.

I am not sure how widespread the OASIS program is in Naval Medical Centers. This August article is the first I have heard about it. I did find another article with more information about the program at Naval Medical Center San Diego. [See link below for full article by Amanda Kilpatrick.]

Naval Medical Center San Diego Patients Find Relief at OASIS
OASIS is an in-patient 10-12 week treatment program that provides intensive mental health care for service members with combat related mental health symptoms from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as major depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and substance abuse problems.
Services include: psychotherapy, family skills training, medication management, intensive sleep retraining, vocational rehabilitation, yoga, and meditation.

OASIS website

Other articles on Navy Medicine and Combat Stress
A Grateful Marine’s Journey through Navy Medicine
OASIS = Overcoming Adversity and Stress Injury Support
a Navy program currently just offered through Naval Medical Center San Diego. A 10-12 week multi-dimensional mental health care in-hospital program.

Update on OASIS project March 11, 2012:
Front & Center: Military Talk Radio
Show No. 52, March 11, 2012
Listen to the interview on Front and Center Radio talk show, starts 30 minutes into the March radio show. LCDR Paul Sargent and Dr. Richter, managers of the Pt. Loma OASIS program. Opened in August 2010. Multi-modal program.  Coordinate with the FOCUS project.

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