Friday, January 13, 2012

Psychological Health and the Military Family--FOCUS program

Psychological Health and the Military Family

This is a short article by Kirsten Woodward, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the BUMED (Bureau of Medicine and Surgery) Director Family Programs Division. This article explains a little bit about the FOCUS program the Navy provides for Sailors and Marines dealing with stressful situations in their families. FOCUS stands for "Families Over Coming Under Stress". Kirsten writes that "The program is based on over 20 years of evidence from families that have undergone severe stress and the interventions that address them. In FOCUS, families can mitigate their stress and increase their psychological health through many options – all of which carry the bio-psycho-social-spirtual elements. The program has three tiers – outreach and education; skill building workshops and psychoeducational groups and individual family resilience training. FOCUS staff work closely with their colleagues in the community – chaplains, medical treatment facility providers, Fleet and Family Services and Marine Corps Community Services – to holistically address the bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs of families in order to increase psychological health."

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