Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Joining Forces Wellness Week 2015

This week is "Joining Forces Wellness Week", in remembrance of Veteran's day, Nov. 9th -13th, 2015.  The Joining Forces initiative was launched by Jill Biden and First Lady Michele Obama in 2011.  This year the initiative is sponsoring a series of webinars directed toward healthcare providers.  These webinars are designed to teach providers more about veterans and improve their healthcare.  Continuing education credits for attending are available, sponsored by several academic institutions.

The press release on Joining Forces Wellness Week.
Go to this link to sign up for Joining Forces webinars this week.

The Defense Center of Excellence (DCoE), which focuses on psychological health and traumatic brain injury (TBI) has webinars on veteran health care and health care improvement available for "on demand" viewing.  Check out their website for more information.

In remembrance of Veteran's Day 2015, thank you to all who have served and the families who have supported them and continue to support them.  Peace to those who have passed and the loved ones who remember them.

For more on resources and support for the military family:
Free Stress Counseling resources
The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
Combat Operational Stress Continuum
Family Liaison Officer/Ombudsman/Key
Blue Star Mothers, Blue Star Mothers and Adaptive Clothing (sew much comfort program)
Military OneSource
Female Vet -specific Resources
Minnesota's ADAPT parenting program
Strengthen your Marriage Resilience and FOCUS program
CREDO, Chaplain-led programs.  See CREDO Facebook page for most recent info.  Specific to marriage and family.  See this military marriage retreat resource article here, which also talks about Army's Strong Bonds, a cousin to the Navy's CREDO.
Military Family, Keep your Relationship Strong, Military OneSource for families
The D-Stress Line for Marines (free) and more resources for adjusting to State-side Life
The Family Medical Leave Act and Caring for your Wounded Warrior
Warfighter Sleep Kit
The Joining Forces campaign, 2012
OASIS program, Navy and PTSD
Sleep Resources, Kids having insomnia?
Free Stress-Relief Acupuncture Clinics, AWB's Military Stress Recovery Project

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