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The Family Medical Leave Act and Caring for Your Wounded Warrior--Know Your Rights!

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The Family Medical Leave Act and Caregivers of Wounded Warriors

This article has information on the benefits and drawbacks of the Family Medical Leave Act.
This article by Kristin Henderson on Spouse Channel and check out the non-profit she works for, the Yellow Ribbon Fund.  She states in the article that this non-profit works with caregivers of wounded warriors to help them understand their rights and connect them to helpful resources.

This law allows U.S. employees of businesses with over 50 employees to keep their job while caring for a servicemember.  The Act allows up to 26 weeks of unpaid leave, if you situation qualifies.  If you are a spouse, future spouse, or potential family member/caregiver of a servicemember, know your rights under this Act.  Check out
Article referenced:  "Caring for a Wounded Warrior?  You're Fired" by Kristin Henderson.  Posted on The Spouse Channel of week of 5/10/2013.
Caring for a Wounded Warrior? You're Fired! |

The Yellow Ribbon Fund
The Yellow Ribbon Fund--a non-profit group that helps "bridge the gap" in care for wounded warriors receiving care at Walter Reed or Fort Belvoir.  They have a Family Caregiver Support program, a Mentoring program, an Ambassador program and volunteer Lawyers for veterans. 
Here is the link to the frequently asked questions page of the Fund.
Here is the link to how to support the Yellow Ribbon Fund.
YouTube videos about the Yellow Ribbon Fund.


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