Monday, December 31, 2012

Military family resources--considering military retirement

Considering military retirement?
Transitioning from military life to civilian life is a big change and not one to take lightly.  Please talk with your career counselor and use all the resources available to you before you retire.  You can even start with some of these resources several years before your pending retirement.  These are some tricky waters to navigate.   I know very little about this, and several people have asked me for some information.  I am not a good source for this information, however, check out these articles I found to lead your closer to better quality resources.

"Should you Leave the Military Early?"  written by 20+ year Navy spouse, Jacey Eckhart of the Spouse Channel of

The USAA article "Should I get out early?" published October 1st, 2012.

"Tips for a Successful Military Transition" by June Lantz Walbert, financial  planner, published in the USAA blog March 28th, 2012.  June equates "transition to civlian life" as a "life event" before she goes into some nitty gritty financial advice. has a new section of articles on "transition and retirement".

Fleet and Family Support Center has classes and resources on transitioning from military to civilian life.  Check out your local Navy Fleet and Family support center for the next class, usually until the title "Transition Assistance" or "TAP" and "CONSEP".

If you have been through this process and have advice to share, please write your helpful advice in the comments section.

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