Monday, September 17, 2012

Real Warriors, using Mobile apps for Military Fitness

From Real Warriors website:  "5 Mobile Aps for Total Force Fitness"

These mobile phone "aps" include:
  1. T2 Mood Tracker--a way to monitor and track your emotions throughout the day to see how your life stress may be impacting your mental health.  This ap is available on Apple and Android devices.  It is possible to share your results with your health care provider.
  2. "Breathe2Relax"--a way to remind yourself to take a breath any time you feel your stress level rising.  Teaches some breathing exercises.  Discuss these with your health care provider.
  3. "LifeArmor"--build and maintain mental health fitness through self-assessments and coping skills tips.  Also includes video testimonials
  4. Positive Activity Jackpot--ideas for positive activities you can do with friends and family, created as part of "Google Play"
  5. BMI calculator from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.  Calculate your BMI as part of your physical health and share your results with your primary care provider.

To learn more about government-sponsored "app challenges", share your ideas, or find more apps, check out, under the Health and Defense categories.  Look for "Department of Veteran Affairs Innovation Challenge" and the "U.S. Surgeon General Healthy Apps Challenge". 


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3 Montain, Scott; Carvey, Christina and Stephens, Mark. “Nutritional Fitness” [PDF 4.65MB], Total Force Fitness for the 21st Century, Supplement to Military Medicine-Volume 175. Published August 2010

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