Saturday, March 10, 2012

Warrior Transition Command blog update: What is Operation Warfighter (OWF)?

What is Operation Warfighter (OWF)?
Transition for wounded soldiers from active duty to civilian life.

This excerpt is from the Warrior Transition Command blog article, WTU Soldiers Gain Experience from Department of Defense Operation Warfighter Internship Program:

"According to the Military Homefront website, OWF has placed more than 2,000 service members in internships with more than 105 different Federal agencies and sub-components. These internships help wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers explore potential career and education paths as they weigh transition options.
When asked about her future and how OWF has helped her take a new path, Moore summed it up saying 'Sometimes you find yourself in a position to try something different than what you’ve been doing all your life in the military. OWF is just one of the doors open for you, and I really appreciate it.'
For more information or if you have questions about OWF, find them on Facebook at"

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