Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Acupuncture used to treat TBI at Military Concussion Care Center, part of the "Operation Stress Control and Readiness Program (OSCAR)" through the Navy and Marine Corps

Acupuncture Makes Strides in Treatment of Brain Injuries, PTSD (VIDEO)
similar to Kandahar video.  Also an article from the DoD Live "Armed with Science" blog, written by C. Voorhees, June 2011.

Military field physicians are using the practice of acupuncture to treat cases of mild traumatic brain injuries (mild TBI), including concussions, and cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Acupuncture is a simple, non-medication way to treat insomnia, headaches, nightmares, and anxiety.

What is "Operation Stress Control and Readiness Program (OSCAR)"?
"Operation Stress Control and Readiness Program, a joint Navy-Marine Corps effort, embeds psychiatrists and psychologists within combat teams to provide mental health care to troops in Afghanistan. The program trains medical officers, corpsmen, chaplains, religious personnel and key leaders at the sergeant and first sergeant level to deliver basic mental health services. Troops also have the option to see physical therapists, occupational therapists, and acupuncturists at an outpatient concussion center to address physical and emotional impacts of combat-related injuries.
Having psychiatrists and psychologists embedded in regiments and battalions gives troops who might not naturally turn to a mental health provider a range of ways to seek help." [Armed with Science article.]

Navy Cmdr. (Dr.) Keith Stuessi, former director of the Concussion Restoration Care Center at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan, believes acupuncture is useful for treatment of mild TBI.
Stuessi describes the Concussion Restoration Care Center as a success – treating more than 320 concussion patients thus far. Of the more than 20 troops he personally treated, almost all saw marked improvements in their sleep, anxiety levels and frequency of headaches. Cmdr. Earl Frantz, who replaced Steussi at Camp Leatherneck in March, continued the practice of using acupuncture on troops with symptoms of mild TBI [Armed with Science article].

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For a Military Stress Recovery Project Clinic near You:
                    This is the link to the list (by state) of Military Stress Recovery Project clinics.  These are civilian clinics available through a larger non-profit group, Acupuncturists without Borders.  They recently opened a Women Veterans only clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, due to patient demand.  The Military Stress Recovery Project clinics are open to all veterans, active duty servicemembers, reservists, Guard, their families, and their care providers.


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