Friday, January 20, 2012

Military Family: Keeping Your Relationship Strong

Military OneSource published an article in February 2011, "Keeping Your Relationship Strong".  It was directed toward military couples, but I imagine these ideas hold true for all couples.  As a spouse of an active duty servicemember I know some of the most challenging times in our relationship are during the transitions.  Transitions to a new work schedule, transitions to shift work, transitions to deployment, transitions home (post-deployment), and transitions to shore duty (most challenging one yet!).  Learning to work and share life together is a wonderful challenge.  Learning to share a "together-life" when you are apart is a unique challenge.  Add to that a dangerous job or a dangerous operational theater and you may be dealing with some serious stress or anxiety.  For more on dealing with stress, see the related articles on stress management by the APA and consider receiving Stress Relief Acupuncture with your battle buddies or fellow FRG spouses from De-Stress Vets or similar clinic.

The "Keeping Your Relationship Strong" article listed four ways to help strengthen and grow your relationship (share these with your spouse):
"1.  Support your spouse's desire to learn
 2.  Volunteer in your community
 3.  Seek out new ways to have fun individually and as a couple
 4.  Develop a support system." [Military OneSource]

These four suggestions boil down to the idea of enriching and educating yourself to grow your relationship and build a support network.  A support network gives you something to lean on outside of your spouse.  This should help enrich your relationship with your spouse (friends and family for daycare or a guys/girls night out) and not detract from it.

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