Monday, May 15, 2017

Fundraiser for the Project, making Acupuncture available in Hospitals and Medical Centers

I have spent the past couple years building a resource to connect Acupuncturists and their Hospital Administrators (whom I call "hospital sponsors") to both published resources and the professional community.  I call it the "Hospital Practice Handbook Project" or the longer title "the hospital practice handbook project for East Asian Medicine practitioners (acupuncturists) and their Hospital Sponsors".

What started out as just a basic "intro" resource book that lays out the resources I wish I had in a "handbook" when I had first started hospital practice, has metamorphosed into a series of projects that supports the living hospital practice integrative medicine community.  From a pilot project to collect data on current Acupuncturist professionals to book publications to a record-able webinar series.

To see the resource I have been building to support this work, see the blog and the spring fundraising page.  This work supports the movement of integrative medicine as a part of modern medicine.

Having acupuncture (which is part of East Asian Medicine) and other non-drug, non-surgery options available in medical center and hospital facilities to complement conventional care will help shorten inpatient stay length, improve pain and function, and decrease overall health care costs.

As a military spouse, I started slowly building this resource after I left full-time clinical practice when my husband went back to sea and support my littles (young children).  Check out the progress and support the work.   Thank you.

On the campaign page, to contribute select "back it" and fill in the amount you choose.
Contribute directly to the website if you want as much of your contribution to go directly to Project costs as possible.

Or, while the fundraising campaign is going, you can choose a "Perk" package.  For a package, some of your contribution goes to paying for the perk items and shipping and the rest goes directly to the Project (minus some processing fees)

Thank you for supporting this work and this community!

Do you want to follow the Project work?  Just contribute to our fundraiser, subscribe to this blog, and join the contact list on the website.

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  1. This is amazing information not given by most doctors but so dearly needed.

    Thank you!